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Technology Services

Computer Use Policy

    1. Patrons must sign in with their library card and PIN or a guest pass. Time is limited to two, one hour sessions per day including all locations.
    2. The computer is for use by one person at a time except when a minor is accompanied by an adult.
    3. Library computers cannot be used for any illegal activity.
    4. Only installed software can be used. Library staff can provide only basic help. The "HELP" menu within the program is available.
    5. Files created by patrons cannot be saved to the computer's hard drive, but may be saved to flash drive provided by the patron. Any personal data found on the hard drive will be deleted.
    6. Patrons are not allowed to make any changes to the computer's settings except for specific settings within the program, e.g., margins.
    7. The library is not responsible for damages or loss of data from power problems, or computer failure. The use of the personal computer is at the patron's own risk.
    8. Patrons must take care in the use of the computer and its software. Any abuse or misuse will result in denial of future use or repair costs.
    9. Excessive noise and actions that disrupt others will not be permitted.
    10. Printing will be $.15 per page for black and white copies, $.30 for color copies. Patrons should determine the exact number of pages to print (by using File, Print Preview or magnifier icon). Refunds will not be given for unused pages.
    11. Only library-owned and-connected hardware may be used with the computer.
    12. Problems with the computer or other connected equipment must be reported to the library staff immediately. Patrons must not disconnect or reconnect any equipment.
    13. The library cannot be listed as a business address for individuals.


The Jackson-Madison County Library offers free Scanning to a USB/Flash/Thumb Drive, provided by the patron. Patron may scan personal documents at the Self-service scanner (located on the 2nd floor of the Main Library). Scans may not be in violation of Copyright Laws.

Wireless Printing

Patron may use our Wireless Printing Service by downloading the PrinterOn app to their Iphone or Android device, or by e-mailing the document to the following addresses Main Library Black and White, $0.15 per page. Main Library Color, $0.30 per page. North Branch Black and White, $0.15 per page. Main Library Color. $0.30 per page.

Copy Services

Black and White Copies (available at both locations- $0.15 Per Page
Color Copies (available on 2nd floor of Main Library) - $0.30 Per Page